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Our Strategy

Our strategy is to be a reliable partner for businesses with the highest integrity and ethics. We recognize our duty to our stakeholders and believe that being economically successful and having competitive advantages of our business, we can ensure trustworthiness to our employees as well as our clients.

KDB Bank Uzbekistan has competitive advantage which is created by the scale and diversity of our businesses and the quality, character, and relationships of our people. Scale and diversity allow us to build sustainable businesses by delivering operational excellence, investing in innovation, managing our risks and allocating our capital efficiently. Our people allow us to cultivate deeper relationships with our customers and clients by providing the best of KDB Bank Uzbekistan to each. We value the diversity of our employees, motivate their talents and provide the most efficient work-life environment. 

We are committed to providing our clients with superior financial advice and solutions while generating attractive and sustainable returns for shareholders. Our business shares key characteristics:

  • We benefit from a strong competitive position in our targeted market
  • We are capital-efficient
  • We offer smooth structural growth and profitability outlook

As we refresh our goal, purpose, and values and rebalance our objectives across multiple stakeholders, we believe we can become the bank of choice for people.

Our strategy builds on the strengths of our businesses and focuses our efforts on areas in which we excel while seeking to capitalize on the compelling growth prospects in the businesses in which we operate. Capital strength, strong core values, and a talented team are a key foundation of our success.

Our Vision

  • Financial Engine for Business Growth, Global KDB.
  • To be the main banking services provider for large corporations and enterprises with foreign investments, Joint Ventures, Representative offices, and Diplomatic missions.
  • To be a leading Innovative Bank to introduce new financing products in the market.
  • To be the first among all Banks in Uzbekistan and Central Asia to introduce modern IT developments and solutions for meeting clients’ needs.

Our Values and Beliefs

  • Integrity:
  • We communicate openly and respect challenging views
  • We live by the highest standards of integrity in everything we say and act
  • We show the courage to say and do the right thing
  • We are accountable for failure as well as success, and not to allocate blame
  • Client Centricity:
  • We value our clients’ trust by placing them at the core of our organization
  • We analyze and develop our services and take into account our clients’ needs
  • We always strive to surpass clients’ expectations
  • We create and provide solutions for clients that balance the short and long terms
  • Sustainable performance:
  • We drive values for long-term success, efficiently gaining our short-term goals
  • We seek out alternative perspectives and put our shared interests ahead of any individual or team
  • We encourage entrepreneurial spirit which balances risk and returns
  • We follow a lasting performance by developing and investing in the best talent
  • Discipline:
  • We create an environment to attract and keep the best people who share our values
  • We protect and efficiently use our bank’s resources
  • We consider to achieve our operational excellence with no excuses


Download "Strategic Development Plan for 2018- 2022"

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