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1. What are the basic skills and qualifications you look for?

  • You should not only be passionate about the world of finance but also show a keen interest in your chosen field.  You already have a record of outstanding academic achievement and you’re eager to go on learning at the same intensive rate. So you’ll thrive on working in a highly collaborative environment with some of the best minds in banking. You’ll also be as motivated and ambitious as we are. Finally, because communication is key to everything we do –all our people need to be fluent in English.


2. What sort of backgrounds do you look for in your candidates?

  • We recruit people from a broad range of backgrounds for a wide variety of roles. You won’t necessarily need a financial or mathematical background to work here – although there are some roles where you’ll need to have strong numerical skills. Above all, we’re looking for entrepreneurial people who thrive best in a diverse culture where innovation and agile thinking abound.


3. What is the recruitment process?

  • The recruitment process usually starts after receiving the candidate's CV/Resume and Cover Letter. If the candidate's qualification meets our interests, we ask for an interview. Our interviews are based around the core competencies you'll need to work with us in your chosen role. If the current position doesn't suit with candidate's qualifications then we keep your documents in our database for further opening vacancies.


4. Do you only hire candidates with finance degrees, finance background or business majors?

  • No. We recruit highly intelligent graduates who are ambitious and adaptable. They have degrees in many different disciplines. Even though good levels of numeracy are important for some roles, you won’t need a formal mathematical or financial background.


5. Do you offer opportunities for Graduates?

  • Once a year, we offer Open Recruitment for Graduates. All the information can be found on the website of the company


6. When I apply, what other documents do you need aside from my CV/Resume?

  • For applying to any position, we require a CV/Resume, Cover Letter, and Recommendation Letter (if you have).


7. Do I need to have registration in Tashkent City?

  • For the all job position, we require from the candidate's permanent registration in Tashkent City
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