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Microloan is a modern way to solve your financial problems.

Microloans are granted to citizens who are able to execute their civil rights in accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan and who have stable income that is sufficient to repay the microloan and accrued interests within time horizon stipulated by the respective microloan agreement. Microloans can be used for purchase of goods, services and others, and are issued through transferring loan funds to the personal card account of the borrower for a period no more than 12 months.

Terms and conditions

Loan amount


Interest rate


Up to 100 minimum wages set in the Republic of Uzbekistan*

Up to 12 months

30-36% per annum

Insurance policy against credit default


*) Note: All monthly loan obligations of clients (principal repayment and interest payments) should not exceed half of their average monthly salary calculated over the last 12 months.

Borrower / client should present following documents in order to get a microloan:

a) Application for getting a microloan;

b) Passport copy;

c) Certificate of income for the last 12 months. If Borrower / client has been working for less than 12 months, then, Certificate of income should show income earned during the whole term of employment;

Borrower / client should present the pledge of followings in order to get a microloan:

a) Insurance policy against credit default;*

*) The pledge of this item is applicable to employees of corporate clients of JSC “KDB Bank Uzbekistan” holding salary plastic cards emitted by the Bank.

b) Other types of property satisfying the requirements of the credit policy of the Bank.      

For additional information, please, dial the following number:

+ 998 78 120 80 00

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