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UZ Card

UZ Card

Convenience of using bank cards

Bank plastic card is a convenient payment instrument that provides the cardholder with 24-hours access to his/her personal bank account.

This bank account is called as a special card account (abbreviated as SCA). All transactions performed by using a client’s plastic card are reflected on this account.

Bank cards are widely used for making non-cash payments, including purchases through the Internet, for transfers, as well as for withdrawing cash or replenishing a card account through ATMs or cash offices.

Plastic cards have undeniable advantages over "live" cash, including:

  • Convenience. No need to carry a large amount of cash. Any purchase or service can be paid by card
  • Security. In case of loss of a purse, it is hard to return cash, if it happens with a card it always can be blocked
  • Bonuses. Many trade and service companies offer cardholders various bonuses in the form of discounts and cashback (when some of the percentages from the purchase amount is returned to the card)
  • Control of expenses. By receiving monthly statements for all transactions on the card, you can analyze your costs.

Convenience and ease usage of mobile payment applications.

Mobile payments are a modern way of making payments by using a telephone device.

The usage of mobile payments for the client means the speed, convenience and reliability of the payment transaction.

By the using of Bank's partners' mobile applications, you can easily and quickly pay for the following services:

  • Mobile services
  • Services of Internet providers
  • Telephony services
  • Services of State and municipal services

SMS informing

The Bank provides SMS-informing services free of charge.

Advantages of the SMS-informing service:

  •  provides an opportunity to receive in real-time on the mobile phone messages about the current operations on the account (receipt or write-off of funds) and information about the balance on the account
  •  allows you to monitor all transactions conducted from the account, significantly increasing the security of account use
  •  saves time for a call to the Bank and waiting for information on the available account balance
  •  operates anywhere in the world, which covers the coverage area of mobile operator

Security rules when using a bank card

1. Do not transfer the Card and do not give the PIN to third parties. Keep the Card in a safe place. Keep the PIN-code secret, do not write it on the card or other document stored with the card.

2. Try to use the certain value of numbers combination for a PIN: for example, the combination of relatives or friends’ birthdays.

3. When using the card in trading or service companies, check the correctness of the date and amount of the transaction indicated on the sales receipt.

4. When using the Card at ATM, observe the following rules:

-  the process of dialing a PIN on the ATM's keyboard must be safe;

-  If the ATM does not accept the card, never attempt to insert it into the receiving hole forcibly;

-  do not use ATMs and terminals, on the screen of which an error message is displayed. Check the serviceability of the ATM, requesting an initially simple operation, for example, checking the balance of the card.

5. In case of loss the card, the Client has to immediately apply Application for card blocking to the Bank's branch where the card was issued. In case if the Client does not have the possibility of immediate appearance with the Bank's branch, it is necessary to contact the call center (+998) 78 120-80-00.

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