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Bank’s Key Strategic Initiatives

Customer Service

Our Bank is focused on providing excellent customer service through all delivery channels and has been making continuous efforts for enhancing the level of customer satisfaction. The varied interests and expectations of customers are taken care of by improving upon various processes and procedures. Towards these goals, our Bank has been effectively using technology.

Good customer service is the heart of banking. Today banks have a wide variety of competitors for business. Because of the amount of competition, unique products in the banking industry are important as outstanding customer service. Banks continually strive for improvements in this area. Examples of such techniques include taking customer surveys and monitoring calls that come in through the call center. Incentives, such as customer service awards, may be offered to encourage staff members to improve the customer support they offer.

Corporate Finance

Our Bank's Corporate Finance provides the full range of integrated banking products and services for large-cap and mid-cap corporates, financial institutions. Clients need banking partners who can offer stability, insights. Our relationships are enhanced by industry sector, country and regional expertise, closely aligned to high-quality client solutions which are best practiced in the banking system worldwide. Our commitment to clients combines industry specialization, serving a broad client-base from all the major sectors, with strong local knowledge in all regions.

Risk Management

In the course of their operations, banks are invariably faced with different types of risks that may have a potentially negative effect on their business. Risk management in bank operations includes risk identification, measurement and assessment, and its objective is to minimize negative effects risks can have on the financial result and capital of a bank. Banks are therefore required to form a special organizational unit in charge of risk management. Also, they are required to prescribe procedures for risk identification, measurement, and assessment, as well as procedures for risk management.

To ensure sustainable and consistent growth, our Bank has developed a sound risk management framework so that the risks assumed by the Bank are properly assessed and monitored continuously. It may be noted that the ultimate responsibility for setting up the risk management framework lies with the Board of the Bank. It includes setting up risk appetite, framing policies and effective monitoring.

With a powerful suite of analytical and reporting tools, the efficient liquidity and interest rate risk management has been facilitated, enabling strategic decision-making and generating alerts against potential deviations.  


Human Resources (HR)

Our Bank has been pursuing a balanced and comprehensive Human Resources Policy because of various challenges such as massive induction of talent, maternity leaves, and reallocation of employees among different departments. Our HR department is excelling in activities like recruitments, promotions, deployments, as well as enhancing the employee engagement into the working process, which our Bank undertakes various initiatives like the conduct of satisfaction surveys and workshops for interaction between juniors and seniors. These workshops are conducted to improve the employee connection with HR and top management. To reward top performers, our Bank launched performance scheme for its employees.

Each year several candidates participate in GOC (Guest Observer Course) organized by headquarter.  Also employees of the bank constantly participate in overseas trainings such as “Banking Management in the period of globalization” organized by Management Development Institute of Singapore, “Term loan assessment” organized by Crisil Limited in New Delhi (India), “Leasing” conference organized by Worldwide Expert Conferences LTD. (Russia) , KDB Operations OJT Course and Credit Facility OJT Program organized by KDB HQ (Korea)  as well as local trainings in Banking and Finance Academy of Republic of Uzbekistan, Regional Educational Center of Banking Association of Uzbekistan,  International Center of financial-economic development and etc.

In line with Bank’s goal to be a leading bank in Central Asia, the Bank continues to make efforts to improve the staff knowledge & quality to provide professional services to the customers.

It is planned to provide the Bank staff with constant professional training focusing on the key banking areas, such as trade finance, risk management, internal control, loan review & monitoring, asset and liability management, etc.

Besides, the Bank plans to take the following measures to improve its staff quality:

- To encourage the staff to participate in the seminars and training organized by CBU, Uzbekistan Banking Association and other training centers to keep the employees acquainted with up-to-date economic and financial news and changes in legislation;

- To support employees to get special job-related certificates in accounting, audit and other areas;

- To organize trainings and seminars in the Bank on specific job-related issues such as strategic planning, money laundering etc.

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