KDB Bank Uzbekistan JSC has launched a new remote banking

KDB Bank Uzbekistan JSC has launched a new remote banking solution for individual clients – Internet Banking iDBA.


The new format allows clients to:

- manage funds on accounts and bank cards (statements, payment history)

- make transfers both in Uzbek sums and in foreign currency (between own accounts in the Bank) 

- make transfers by requisites in Uzbek sums (to accounts in other Banks) 

- make conversion transactions (Uzbek sums to foreign currency, foreign currency to Uzbek sums)

- open additional current accounts with the Bank

- send inquiries and applications to the Bank

- make payments to the budget

- pay fines (via MUNIS)

- receive information on loans (repayment schedule, payment history).


Outgoing transactions are confirmed by obligatory SMS-code to be sent to mobile phone of the Client indicated in the Application for user registration.


Connecting and using the Internet Banking iDBA is free of charge.


To connect to the Internet Banking iDBA, please:

1) read the terms and conditions of the Public Offer posted on the Bank's website;

2) visit the nearest office of the Bank with your identity document;

3) submit an Application for user registration;

4) receive a copy of the Application with login and temporary password information from a Bank officer.



You may login to the Internet Banking iDBA by following the link on the main page of ib.kdb.uz website.