To the attention of the individual clients of Yunusobod Branch!


Additional information to the individual clients of Yunusobod Branch regarding its closure


On February 10, 2023, JSC "KDB Bank Uzbekistan" (hereinafter “the Bank”) disclosed information about the decision to close the Yunusobod branch of the Bank (hereinafter “the Branch”) on its corporate website.

In accordance with the applicable legislation, the Bank shall bear the responsibility for all obligations of the Branch, including the obligations in front of the clients.

In order for the Bank to fully execute its obligations in front of you, your bank account together with the funds in it shall be moved from the Branch to the Bank’s Head office [Bank code 00842] located at the address: #3, Bukhoro Street, Mirobod District, Tashkent.

In this regard, you are kindly informed to move your bank account together with the funds in it to the Bank’s Head office or withdraw the funds at the Branch’s cash office by visiting the Branch until April 14, 2023.

If you are not able to visit the Branch until the above-mentioned date, in order to create convenience, the Bank will open a new bank account for you and transfer your funds to the new bank account.

Starting from April 17, 2023, you will need to contact with the Bank’s Head office to use the banking services.

For additional information or in case of questions, we kindly request you to contact the Client Service Department at the following telephone numbers: (+998) 781208743; 781208744; 781208709; 781206141; 781208780.